COVID-19 County Grants

The CMSP Governing Board seeks to support counties in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic emergency through the provision of funding to expand the delivery of services that support local preparedness, containment, recovery and response activities in CMSP counties affected by COVID-19. The COVID-19 Emergency Response Grant (CERG) is intended to assist CMSP counties in addressing the needs of various low-income populations with or at-risk of COVID-19 conditions.


Grant funding for the COVID-19 Emergency Response Grant is available as 1-year awards to eligible CMSP county organizations. Eligible applicants include County Health and Human Services Agency, County Health Department, County Public Health Department, or County Office of Emergency Services in CMSP counties. Only one application will be considered from each CMSP county.  Total funding provided by the Governing Board for the COVID-19 Emergency Response Grant Program may equal up to $10,145,976 million for a 12-month grant period.

Examples of emergent needs include:

  1. Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), Healthcare Equipment and Supplies
  2. Supportive Quarantine Services
  3. Public Employees Needed for Emergency Response
  4. Non-Profit Human Services Providers Needed for Emergency Response
  5. Public Information and Outreach

CERG Grant RFA Key Dates:

04/03/2020RFA Released
04/08/2020First RFA Assistance Webinar at 10:00 AM
04/09/2020Second RFA Assistance Webinar at 2:00 PM
04/10/2020CERG Grant Program Applications Accepted (Rolling deadline begins)
05/13/2020Third RFA Assistance Webinar at 10:00 AM, see Zoom link below.
06/03/2020Fourth RFA Assistance Webinar at 1:00 PM, see Zoom link below.
08/31/2020Final CERG Applications Due by 5:00 PM PST (Rolling deadline ends)

Upcoming Webinars

May 13, 2020, from 10:00 – 11:30 AM PST

Zoom Link:

Zoom Meeting Number: 972 0569 2455

Zoom Password: 464097

June 3, 2020, from 1:00 – 2:30 PM PST

Zoom Link:

Zoom Meeting Number: 983 9121 0838

Zoom Password: 812160

CERG Grant RFA Assistance Power Point Slides: COVID-19 Emergency Response Grant PPT

Please download the CERG RFA and required application documents below:

COVID-19 Emergency Response Grant Request for Applications (PDF)
APPENDIX A: Maximum Funding Amount by CMSP County (PDF)
APPENDIX B: Allowable Use of Grant Funds (PDF)
APPENDIX C: CERG Cover Sheet (Excel)
APPENDIX D: CERG Request Form (Word)
APPENDIX E: CERG Budget Template (Excel)

CERG Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Document (PDF)

For more information about this program please contact Anna Allard, Grants Manager at (916) 649-2631 ext. 120 or by email at