Local Indigent Care Needs

In light of COVID-19, the CMSP Governing Board has postponed the release of Round 2 for the Local Indigent Care Needs Grant to later this year. Please see the COVID-19 Emergency Response Grant for COVID-19 related funding available for CMSP counties.

LICN Planning and Implementation Grant Request for Proposals

Grant funding for the Round 2 funding round of the LICN Program will be available in two separate program tracks; Planning Project Grants (Track One) of up to $50,000 per project over a 1 year planning period, or up to $75,000 if the project serves more than one CMSP county, and Implementation Program Grants (Track Two) of up to $500,000 per year up to a 3 year period (up to $1,500,000 total).   Eligible applicants include CMSP counties and non-profit agency applicants with demonstrated capacity to create and manage a program involving multiple stakeholders.

The Principal Goals of the LICN program are to:

  • Promote timely delivery of necessary medical, behavioral health and support services to locally identified target populations;
  • Link these populations to other community resources and support; and
  • Improve overall health outcomes for these target populations.