Health Systems Development Grants

In 2019, the CMSP Governing Board launched the Health Systems Development Grant Program (HSG) to support local health care systems in CMSP counties, to develop and implement strategies that reduce barriers between health care providers and systems and to promote collaboration and system linkages that facilitate effective delivery of health care services to enrolled and potential CMSP members, and to additionally assist other persons receiving publicly-funded health coverage.

CMSP awarded 23 grants for a total of $6,857,261 to support the following HSG program objectives:

  • Expand access to primary care, specialty care and/or behavioral health services,
  • Coordinate and/or integrate health and behavioral health care service systems,
  • Strengthen the overall health care delivery system in the county across a range of health and behavioral health providers.

These grants have recently completed and the CMSP Governing Board is proud to share that 83,341 individuals spanning 23 CMSP counties were served by an HSG grant project.

For more information regarding program and individual project outcomes please see the Health Systems Development Grant Program – Summary Outcomes Report.

For questions regarding this program please contact Laura Moyer, Grants Administrator at (916) 649-2631 ext. 110 or