Healthcare Workforce Information

The CMSP Governing Board is aware that its member counties face unique constraints in recruiting and retaining necessary healthcare workforce members. The pandemic, varying population densities, climate, resource availability and topography of CMSP counties lead to unique challenges that make it difficult to ensure access to quality care for county residents.

In 2022, the CMSP Governing Board and the Rural County Representatives of California (RCRC) reviewed the limited healthcare workforce information that was available for their member counties. Following that review, CMSP elected to partner with UCSF Healthforce Center to research the CMSP and RCRC member county healthcare workforce.

Findings of the UCSF Healthforce Center study were presented to the CMSP Governing Board in December 2023 and are detailed here: The Healthcare Workforce Landscape in County Medical Services Program (CMSP) & Rural County Representatives of California (RCRC) counties. The CMSP Governing Board will host a Workforce Convening in April 2024 to present and discuss further the results of this report. To be notified of events or opportunities related to this study, please contact Laura Moyer, Grants Administrator at (916) 649-2631 ext. 110 or