How Do I?

How do I know if someone is eligible?

Eligibility for CMSP is processed in CalSAWS.  CMSP is the “program of last resort”. An applicant must be proven ineligible for all other programs (such as Medi-Cal) and complete the CMSP Supplemental Application (CMSP 215) before qualifying for CMSP. Please review the CMSP Eligibility Summary (Information Notice 2) for an overview of CMSP eligibility requirements. You can find the CMSP Eligibility Manual and additional training resources under the Eligibility Resources & Training page.

How do I view the latest CMSP Eligibility Training?

The CMSP Eligibility Training provides counties with updates on CMSP’s eligibility criteria and application process. You can find a copy of the CMSP Eligibility Training slides and a recording of the training under Trainings on the Eligibility Resources & Training page.

How do I find my county’s eligibility allocation?

Each year, CMSP publishes an All County Letter (ACL).  The ACL provides a table with each county’s eligibility administration allocation, any documented expenditures, and the allocation excess over expenditure (if any) for that fiscal year.