How Do I?

How do I become an enrolled CMSP provider?

If you are interested in providing health care services to CMSP members, you must be a part of the CMSP provider network. To become a part of the network, you must execute a provider agreement with the CMSP Governing Board. For more information regarding becoming a part of the network, contact Advanced Medical Management at (877) 589-6807.

How can I verify a patient’s enrollment in CMSP?

CMSP members are mailed both a CMSP identification card and a State of California benefit identification card (BIC) following enrollment in CMSP. All providers can verify a member’s CMSP eligibility and CMSP Share-of-Cost (if applicable) through the Medi-Cal system (online, POS, and phone AEVS). Medical and dental providers can also call AMM’s Customer Service at (877) 589-6807 to confirm CMSP eligibility. Retail pharmacy providers can contact MedImpact directly at (800) 788-2949 to confirm CMSP eligibility.

How do I bill CMSP for medical and dental services?

Please refer to the CMSP Provider Operations Manual (POM), posted online at for details about billing CMSP for medical and/or dental services rendered to CMSP members. Prior authorization and benefit limits may apply for certain services. Providers can also contact AMM’s Customer Service at (877) 589-6807.

How do I know which medications are covered on CMSP’s Drug Formulary?

Please visit our Pharmacy Page for a copy of CMSP’s Drug Formulary. Medication Request Forms are available to download here.

How do I learn more about the Connect to Care program?

The Connect to Care program launched in December 2020. For more information, please visit or

How do I learn more about the Path to Health program?

The Path to Health Pilot Project launched in February 2019 and ended December 2023.