Grants Information

CMSP grants are intended to improve the health outcomes of residents in CMSP counties.  Specifically, projects are aimed at researching healthcare workforce needs, developing and strengthening the health care workforce, expanding access to specialty care, promoting the timely delivery of necessary health and behavioral health support services, and improving the overall healthcare delivery system. See below for a summary of current CMSP grant efforts.

Grant Programs:

Health Systems Development Grant (HSG)
HSG grants were awarded to support local health care systems in CMSP counties.  These projects were aimed at developing and implementing strategies to reduce barriers between health care providers and systems, and at promoting collaboration and system linkages to facilitate effective delivery of health care services to CMSP members and other persons receiving publicly funded health coverage.

Healthcare Infrastructure Development Matching Grant program (HID Matching Grant)
The CMSP Governing Board developed the HID Matching Grant to aid CMSP counties and organizations contracted with CMSP counties in expanding facility capacity to provide healthcare and behavioral health services to underserved populations, including CMSP beneficiaries.  This program provides match funding at the local level to CMSP counties and organizations under contract with the county that have received a healthcare infrastructure grant that requires local financial match.

Local Indigent Care Needs Grant (LICN)
The principal goals of the LICN grant program are to promote timely delivery of necessary medical, behavioral health and support services to locally identified target populations, to link these populations with other community resources and support, and to improve the overall health outcomes of indigent adult CMSP county residents.

Specialty Care Access Grant
The Specialty Care Access Grant expands the availability of specialty services to uninsured residents of CMSP counties through local mechanisms for care delivery. By project end, access to donated specialty care services will be available in 24 CMSP counties.

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