Specialty Care Access

The Governing Board approved funding for Specialty Care Access Expansion Grants as part of the Board’s outline of strategic priorities for the County Medical Services Program in April 2019. Under this initiative, Operation Access is working towards expanding its service area from four (4) CMSP counties to nineteen (19) CMSP counties over a five-year period.

Operation Access offers donated outpatient surgical and specialty health care for low-income, uninsured people in CMSP counties. As a result, patients referred by community clinics in rural regions of Northern California benefit from an improved quality of life, ability to work, and relief from debilitating symptoms.

To learn more about Operation Access, including how to send referrals, a list of available procedures, and how to become a medical volunteer or donated care partner, please visit www.operationaccess.org.

For more information about Specialty Care Access Expansion Grants, please contact Alison Kellen, Program Director at (916) 649-2631 Ext.119, akellen@cmspcounties.org.